PPE Masks for Employees

Co.Protect delivers COVID19 mask and sanitizer solutions for leading sports leagues, college campuses, and corporate organizations! Let us show you our wide range of custom solutions for providing the perfect product and service to fit your needs. Our specialty is efficient solutions for broad-scale needs.


We are the leaders in branded protective equipment (BPE) for organizations that bring people together. We work with small, medium, and large businesses to co.protect your employees, customers, and communities. Read more about our PPE masks for employees below.

Individually Packaged for One-Time Use

When you’re working to inhibit the further spread of a disease such as COVID-19, it’s of crucial importance for masks to be completely clean up to the point of use. This is the exact reason our masks are individually wrapped in cellophane plastic as soon as they’re manufactured. Our masks are also designed for single-use, offering your team flexibility no matter when and how you need them.

Quality Material Construction

Our PPE for office workers is made with durable yet flexible fabrics and elastic ear straps for simple use. Whether your employees need them for strategic times and places in the office or to wear all day as soon as they walk in, we have you covered. Your teams will appreciate the simplicity of our masks’ construction as well as the modern designs.

Effective Disease Protection

Co.Protect’s PPE masks for employees are built to restrict the chances of infectious disease transmission from the moment you put one on. The triple-layer protection our masks offer include an outer, middle, and inner material—each of which provides distinct advantages. The outer layer blocks large airborne particulate and dust, the middle later filters bacteria and fine particulate, and the inner layer is a piece of comfortable, non-woven fabric.

Our masks are available in large quantities for businesses of any size. Whether you’re stocking up for the future or need a lot of masks right now, we’d love to fulfill your needs. Click here to get in touch with us today. We look forward to serving you!