We are the leaders in Branded Protective Equipment (BPE) for organizations that bring people together.

About Our Products

Are Co.Protect masks machine washable?

Co.Protect masks are disposable and made from premium single-use materials. We do not advise washing for re-use.

What materials are Co.Protect masks made from?

Each Co.Protect mask is printed with Vibra-print ink and constructed using premium single-use materials including non-woven fabric made from polyester. This makes our masks lightweight, breathable and soft on your face. They contain an adjustable plastic nose clip and soft flexible ear loops to make for a great fit and feel.

What are the dimensions for Adult and Kids size masks?

Each of our Co.Protect Adult masks are 175 x 95 MM.

Our Kids masks are 150 x 90 MM.

Does Co.Protect offer mixing & matching of styles?

Each of our printed mask packs contain a pre-selected assortment of unique designs. We are unable to mix and match designs or sizes from different packs at this time.

Where is Co.Protect office and warehouse located?

Co.Protect HQ is located in Los Angeles, California. Our designs are made in the USA and are intended to make safety fun!

Where are Co.Protect masks manufactured?

Co.Protect sources all of our masks from our FDA and CE certified production partner in China. Our masks are FDA Approved, and ship from Co.Protect warehouse in Los Angeles, CA.

Can Co.Protect print my custom design(s)?

Co.Protect offers custom printed services for qualified customers. Please complete our customer intake form found in Services to get in touch with a member of our Partnerships team today.

What are the Co.Protect customer and product policies?

It is our mission to ensure safety and well-being for our communities with unique and fun designs. We cannot do this without the trust and support of our customers. Please review our policies found HERE for more information.

How can I keep up to date with the latest news and product releases?

As the industry leader in branded personal protective equipment (BPE), Co.Protect continues to develop and create new products and services. To keep up with the latest innovations please subscribe to our mailing list. Feel free to reach out, and a member of our Customer Success team will be with you within 24 hours.

Co.Partner FAQ

What is Branded Protective Equipment (BPE) and how is it different than standard PPE?

Branded Protective Equipment (BPE) is the next generation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), created with community in mind. Traditional PPE serves an important function within industries at risk to the most hazardous conditions (Hospitals, Construction sites, Energy, Sanitation, and more). BPE satisfies the needs for quality, reliable protective equipment while also invoking a sense of community, warmth and familiarity with colorful designs, customizable gear, and branded merch.

How is product artwork made, who creates it and what are the specifications we need to know?    

Co.Protect works with you to create the optimal design for your needs. Our Design Guides and templates provide all the information you need to get started on your project.

How do I get started on my Design File?

It is recommended to download our product. Start File.

To submit, please upload flattened files under 100 MB per side. To decrease file size, we recommend LZW compression.

Please do not submit transparent or multi-layered files. These files may result in issues as our system has difficulty rendering files with multiple images, graphic and text layers, etc.

File types: Accepted file types include TIF, PSD, PDF, JPG, EPS, PNG and AI (Version 9 or newer). Resolution: Files must be high resolution at 300 dpi.

What colors, designs and patterns can we use for our work?

For best result we recommend our customers use CMYK Pantone colors. All other color palettes will be converted. We accept a multitude of designs and patterns and encourage repeat all over prints! For specific details, please refer to the Design Guides for optimal placement, sizing and spacing questions.

When do we know our artwork is accepted?

Co.Protect carefully reviews each submission to ensure they meet our guidelines and standards. Once you have settled on the right options, Please allow two business days for quality assurance.

What is your sample policy and timeline?

Co.Protect samples are available for approved artwork and qualifying customers only. Once artwork is approved, samples take 3 to 5 business days to complete. Strike-off images of samples can be provided by request, and physical samples are delivered within 10 business days. Sampling fees may apply.

What if my sample is defective or unsatisfactory?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your samples (color, logo placement) Co-Protect will revise, produce and deliver new sample for customer approval 5-7 days after re-submission at no additional cost.

What is the estimated lead time to receive my order once my sample has been approved?

Standard lead times for orders range between 7 and 14 business days. These times vary by quantity and location.

What are your orders shipped and what are their terms?     

All shipments are FOB to our fulfillment center in Los Angeles, CA. Additional delivery costs may be applied depending on order volume and location of fulfillment center.

Is Co.Protect FDA and safe to use?

All our product is 100% CE & FDA certified and have received Premarket Notification or 510(k) clearance. Our affiliate Co-Defend is a trusted supplier to Federal and State governments, and we operate with the same level of care and precaution.

What are the prices and where do minimum order quantities start?

Co.Protect MOQs for Branded Masks begin at 10k and 100k for hand sanitizer packets. Please contact customersuccess@co-protectglobal.com for a quote on your BPE needs today.Text

What if I am not satisfied with my mask pack?

Co.Protect is committed to customer satisfaction and product quality. If your masks are defective in any way, we will replace your pack with a new set at no additional cost. Due to safety reasons, we are unable to accept returns.

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