School PPE Masks

Co.Protect delivers COVID19 mask and sanitizer solutions for leading sports leagues, college campuses, and corporate organizations! Let us show you our wide range of custom solutions for providing the perfect product and service to fit your needs. Our specialty is efficient solutions for broad-scale needs.


We are the leaders in Branded Protective Equipment (BPE) for organizations that bring people together. We work with universities, prep schools, and K-12 school systems to co.protect your students, faculty, and campuses. Learn more about the specific benefits of our school PPE masks below.

Single-Use Masks

Our school PPE masks come individually wrapped and are designed for one-time use. Having a solution like this is particularly useful for playgrounds, group activity rooms, and frequent entering and exiting of buildings.

Excellent Materials

We use high-quality materials in our student masks to offer three layers of bacterial protection. The inner layer is a skin-friendly, hypoallergenic material that makes for comfortable mask-wearing for extended periods of time.

The middle layer filters out bacteria and airborne particulate—this is incredibly useful in protecting against the transmission of COVID-19. The outer layer restricts dust, large particles, and general dirt from reaching the wearer’s mouth and nose.

Designs That Appeal to Kids

Children, in general, are well-known to be defiant of precautions and rules—even those that benefit their well-being. Co.Protect offers a solution to combat the reluctance younger students may show toward wearing masks for extended periods of time.

Our kid-sized masks are available in bright colors and fun patterns that young kids naturally take a liking to. Children often seek a personal touch for anything that’s mandatory, and these eye-catching designs will encourage students to feel less frustrated by all that’s going on.

Co.Protect is happy to offer convenient and leveraged solutions for infectious disease protection in educational settings. Click here for our kids’ masks, and check out our adult masks too. You can also click here if you have specific questions for our team.