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Co.Protect Global offers branded and premium PPE face masks for sale.
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Co.Protect is the pioneer of Branded Protective Equipment (BPE). It is our mission to renew a deep sense of community with the use of unique and fun designs that ensure safety and well-being for all.

3 Layer System

Co.Protect Masks

Outer Layer

Filter large particles and dust

Middle Layer

Filter suspended particles and bacteria

Inner Layer

Hypoallergenic skin-friendly
non-woven fabrics

Our PPE face masks for sale are produced with three-ply fabrics and single-use materials made from non-woven fabric; this process is called Spunbound. Spunbound makes Co-Protect masks colorful, sweat-free, and breathable. Because your mask is a non-woven material, it feels light and comfortable on your face and will not capture or hold odor. Our selection of PPE face masks for sale include options for children, adults, volunteer teams, sports groups, office workers, N95 respirators and more. Co.Protect offers dozens of patterns that are available in single-use packs of 10, perfect to match with your next outfit, event, or occasion. Shop our non-woven fabric face masks now!

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