Pro-Ply3X: Medical Grade Protection In Style

• 98% BFE/PPE (bacterial/particle filtration efficiency)

• FDA Certified

Perfect Fit

PP3X is a better sealing, better feeling mask with a safe and comfortable breathing pocket that's made to fit your face in three zones:

Nose, Cheeks and Chin.

  • Nose: Form-holding aluminum internal nose bridge.
  • Cheeks and Chin: Bellows pleats seal, shape and flex to hug your cheeks and cup your face.
  • Aluminum nose bridge creates form-fitting seal
  • Expanding pleats flex and hug your cheeks and chin

Best Filtration to Breathe Easy

PP3X is a better sealing, better feeling mask with a safe and comfortable breathing pocket that's made to fit your face in three zones:

  • Open air pocket creates smooth air flow
  • Comfortable design allows you to speak clearly
  • Meltblown polypropylene for an ultra-thin, flexible filter
  • Triboelectrically charged to migrate moisture particles away from next-to-skin mask layer.

Function is Always Clean

Cleaner than cloth, better than surgical blue

  • Single use & disposable
  • No need to wash
  • 95%+ BFE/PFE (bacterial/particle) filtration efficiency
  • FDA Certified
  • Worn by athletes in the NBA, MLB and MLS leagues

Why 3-Layer is better

Co.Protect Masks

Outer Layer

Filter large particles and dust

Middle Layer

Filter suspended particles and bacteria

Inner Layer

Hypoallergenic skin-friendly
non-woven fabrics

Our 3-ply face masks are produced using single-use materials including non-woven spunbound fabric. This makes Co-Protect masks colorful, sweat-free, breathable and disposable. Because the masks are single-use, they are are clean and safe alternative to cloth masks. Our selection of face masks include children and adults sizes. We also carry N95 respirators and more. Discover the difference of 3-ply.

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“We needed high-quality, branded masks quickly for our international Garrett Popcorn Shops locations and Co.Protect delivered in every way. The masks’ protective properties, the print quality, and the service provided have been second to none.”

– Maneesha Khandelwal, Senior Vice President, Garrett Brands


“We really like the fit, comfort, and all-day wearability of Co.Protect masks.”

- Casey Smith, Director, Health & Performance - Dallas Mavericks

“Together, Support My Club and Phoenix 20-30 Club donated over $35,000 in PPE to Phoenix Union High School District, including nearly 20,000 co-branded face masks. "We were impressed with the quality and overall professionalism of your team.

We will be recommending you to other organizations and thank you for keeping students safe during COVID-19."

- Kristen Saetrum, Communications Director - Support My Club”