State & Local Government

Government Staff PPE Masks

We manufacture government staff PPE masks so your teams can continue to serve constituents without delays. Co.Protect delivers COVID-19 mask and sanitizer solutions for leading sports leagues, college campuses, and corporate organizations! Let us show you our wide range of custom solutions for providing the perfect product and service to fit your needs.

We specialize in efficient solutions for broad-scale needs.


Support for State and Local Governments

We are the leaders in Branded Protective Equipment (BPE) for organizations that bring people together. We work with state, county, and municipal governments to co.protect your front line workers, essential services, and hometown communities.

High-Quality Filters and Fabrics

The materials we use in our government staff PPE masks are designed for immediate comfort for your citizens while remaining powerful in the protection against transmittable disease for our communities. The outer mask layer blocks dust, grime, and large airborne particles from the wearer’s mouth and nose.

The middle layer restricts fine particulate and bacteria from reaching your mouth, and the inner layer is a non-woven, hypoallergenic fabric for universal wearer compatibility. These materials are remarkably effective at protecting individuals from infectious diseases such as COVID-19 while still being simple and flexible to wear. Did we mention they can be custom printed with fantastic designs, too?

Individually Wrapped

One of the most important factors that ensure the cleanliness of each Co.Protect mask is the fact that we offer individually wrapped masks. When you need to hand out large quantities of masks in a short period of time, keeping them free of accidental contamination is of the utmost importance.

Shop our PPE materials for government staff here. You can also browse our best-selling masks here for immediate relief. If you have any questions or want to get started contact us today. Thank you for choosing Co.Protect Global face masks.